Star Trek TOS Red Alert light


Star Trek TOS Red Alert light as seen all over the ship.

It is comprised of the exact style glass that was used on the show. I used Red studio gels to color the glass RED and it is equipped with 3 LED light bulbs. The Studio Gels won’t fade easily with time. It has a built in timing circuit that causes it to flash at the same rate as it did in the show. The size of the unit is screen accurate. I equip the unit with an on and off switch to activate the units flashing. Operates on 120 volt house hold current comes with a standard (US) two prong wall plug. The bezel is painted the same color gray as used in the hallways and other rooms of the ship including the bridge.

The alert light is Approximately. 14” Tall x 6” Wide x 9” Deep.


Item is heavy and due to its size needs to be packed well because of the fragile glass so shipping is costly. Shipping is $30.00 to continental USA.

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