Hand Held Engineering Prop


Star Trek TOS Hand Held Engineering Prop with working lights and charger


This device was used by Mr. Scott in the episode “The Lights of Zetarth”.


Although in the episode the prop was static (no lights) I have added lights for the true Trek Effect!


This prop is very rare, Ive only made a few and no one besides me makes it.. I’ve never seen anyone reproduced this prop to date so here is your chance to get a unique kind Star Trek prop.  It comes with a Rechargeable Li-on battery and charger with U.S. Plug. Unit has a removable plate on the bottom so if someday you need to replace the rechargeable battery it can be done without destroying a totally sealed prop. The charge port is also located on the bottom of the prop.


There is NO sound board in the prop, on the show it was never turned on so we don’t know what it should sound like, besides most props need to be silent for filming purposes.

The color of this prop is almond / Ivory. The photos look more gray due to their lighting.


Prop size Apx (9x6x4)


Can ship world wide.


Battery type: Rechargeable Li-on battery.

Capacity: 1800mAh.

Input voltage: 12.6V

Output voltage: 10.8~12.6 DC

Output current:1-2A

Product life: circulation charge and discharge more than 500 times.



See the video of this prop in operation link below:

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