Star Trek Type 3 Gamma Desk Top Computer with sound


Star Trek TOS Type 3 Gamma Computer Prop with lights and sound.

This computer is VERY, VERY RARE and hard to find. I personally know of only 4 made. Three I have made including this one, and one made for Star Trek Set tour by someone else.

It is screen accurate in size, color, and sound effect. The original computer from the show had all white lights on top the flashing display; I liked the idea of colored lights. Why not, we live in a color world not black and white! (You can remove the top plastic cover and replace the colored LED’s with all 12 volt (auto) white LED’s if you wish to make the unit totally screen accurate). This prop has sound! On the bottom of the unit there is a volume control to adjust the loudness of the computer sound effect. There is also a switch which will turn off the sound effect if you so desire. The sound comes from a speaker located on the unit’s bottom.

Both sides of this unit have working switches and lights.

The black lines that are on top the unit (where the flashing lights are) are not tape. I’ve painted this on the unit for greater durability.

The Prop Computer operates on 120 volt household power. It’s protected via a fuse accessible from the bottom of the unit. The unit will function on 220 volts as well. It has an auto voltage power supply which will automatically switch from 120 volts to 220 volts with no interaction from you. It uses all LED’s so lamps won’t burn out.

Improvements to this unit from the others I’ve done in the past are:

Adjustable power supply 110 – 220 volt input power.

A fuse holder accessible on unit bottom.

Volume control on units bottom.

A more screen accurate Large Yellow light on the control console.


It measures apx. 18-3/4” long x 13-1/2” deep x 8-1/4” tall

Ship to Continental USA only!

See it in action cut and paste link below in your browser:

This unit is seen throughout Star Trek TOS. Kirks quarters, lunch room, the bridge from time to time etc.

These are not easy to build so you don’t see them on Ebay very often.

The type 3 computer appears in 15 episodes.

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