Star Trek Communication Unit Speaker grill Cloth


Star Trek Communication Unit Speaker grill Cloth

Use for replacement of your current cloth or purchaseto build your own comm unit. This clothe is used on all Communication unit throughout the Enterprise.

This cloth is new but is the exact type cloth used on these props so it is screen accurate.

You get a 4” x 3” piece. That is more than large to cover the comm unitopening with some extra to spair.

The speaker cloth material sold here can be used as is or you can mist a very light coat of platinum gray primer to tone down the silver and black line color if so desired.

The original speaker cloth used on the Star Trek sets looked grayish

in color, although some of the speakers looked silverfish in color or even brownish in color, so you may make your cloth look any way desired none are wrong and all are screen accurate.

The pictures of comm units are for reference only and not included. You get a 4"x3" grill cloth.


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