Star Trek Style Rocker Switches



Star Trek Style Working Rocker Switches.


You get 8 LOOSE Real WORKING (Functional) Rocker Switches are screen accurate in size and shape and color. Painted as shown in the photo. Paint colors are an exact match to the colors of the switches on the show as verified by comparing the colors off of an original set of rocker switches taken from the show.


These switches are the closest to the original ones available. The only difference is the original switches were dual sets (meaning they had two switches side by side).


You can sink them into the control panel using a router or other cutting device to cut the hole. Use a bezel (not provided) to cover the rest of the hole around the switches.


These can be mounted into a bezel that you create or can be used on a Transporter control panel, Captains chair, Helm Station, Briefing room table, or Science Station Etc. These are all over the Star ship Enterprise.


Specs of Switches apply to each (singular) switch not the bank as connected together.


Current rating: 6 amp @ 125 vac


Voltage rating : 3 amps @ 250vac


Power rating : 1/4 hp-125 vac


Switch function : SPST


Number of positions : 2 (Off/On)


Width: 0.64 in, Height: 1.91 in, Length: 1.34 in



These Switches are almost impossable to find and are in VERY VERY short supply. Because demand is high and supply is small these have become Very pricey. Get yours NOW. Once gone; gone forever!

Ship to Continental USA ONLY!

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