Transporter Upper Display Panel Resin Domes


These domes will be the correct size shape and color that you need to construct your own upper 6 panels.

 You get:

51 Yellow

17 Clear

14 Green

03 Red

01 Blue

86 Total Domes.

These domes are poored to the correct size you will need. Just a small amount of sanding will be required to make the flat so they sit totally flat for glue to hold. (with every resin poor, there is slight shrinkage due to resin curing. This shrinkage leaves a thin resin edge that need to be sanded flat)

The shrinkage has been calculated before the poor so your domes come out correct size once sanded.

Once again you get the Resin Domes not the completed panels.


To Purchase click on ADD TO CART.  Because all items are made to order please allow 6 - 8 weeks to ship. Usually ships sooner.



Email me at:

Shipping to continental USA Only. Will ship to USA ONLY at this time!



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