Star Trek Type 7 Console Computer


Build your own Star Trek Type 7computer! This is the first time I have seen this computer replicated anywhere including Trek fan films.


I provide the fully assembled, painted, and tested, main control panel that appears in the video and photos. YOU build the cabinet that holds the control panel board. I provide the control panel with all resin parts and electronics wired and functional. All you need to provide are the three 40 watt LED light bulbs for the large grid area lighting. These bulbs look like standard light bulbs but are LED. (LOW HEAT) and very economical to operate. These are the only bulbs that can be used. Using incandescent lamps will melt the resin parts.

This unit is totally quiet. I use a mini computer and solid state relay board to cause the lighting to flash in theproper patterns.

The control panel I build measures 29” long x 13 tall” and apx 10” deep (behind).

Unit operates off of standard 120volt ac power, just like most appliances in your home.

Just a reminder what you get is NOT the full sized cabinet. You get the control panel for the cabinet, fully assembled and painted + mini computer and solid state relay board + all resin parts attached + 4 colored (fake) computer disks included. The 4 colored resin dials are connected to real switches so they turn the panel on.

Sell to continental USA ONLY! Item is very large and weighs apx 14 lbs. Shipping is apx 55.00

This panel can by it's self can be the center of your Star Trek Collection!



Video of completed unit below. Cut and paste to see in your web browser.


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