Wall Communicator RED Switch. (functional)


This Red switch is a nice Alternative switch for the Outrageously priced Honeywell switch that was used on the show. This switch is a less expensive switch that looks close to the ones on tv. The switch used on the show sells for (125.00 my cost!)

Here is the Red Switch that is used on wall communication panels and also in the engineering panels.

This is a Jumbo Pushbutton switch. It is a Momentary switch. Meaning as long as it is pressed a light will stay on. Release it and light goes out. You need another circuit added to make it hold the circuit closed like used in the Wall Communication prop (not included).

It is a 3 amp S.P.D.T. snap action switch. Plunger is Red plastic and measures 0.86" Dia. Bezel is painted silver and measures 1.33" Dia. This will mount into panels up to 0.75" Thick. Threaded bushing is 1.1" dia.

Includes plastic mounting Nut. This switch can also be used in Arcade games.

If you want the original switches check out the Wall comm prop.


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