Resin Helm / Navagation Beacon


This is the Clear Resin helm beacon.  This beacon is Unfinished, meaning it is the way it looks right out of the mold it is cast from. This means it needs some sanding to get rid of the bumps and the normal  inperfections created from the mold. Sanding will get rid of any normal inperfections as well as make the clear resin look frosted just like the one on TOS helm console.

You will need to sand starting with 150 grit sandpaper and work your way up to 600 grit to give this the frosted look.


You can add RED gells under it along with a light source to make it glow RED just like you see on the show.

The 1st Photo with a blue background is the FINISHED part which HAS been Sanded to give the frosted look. The one you are purchseing is shown in the 2nd photo and is not sanded as yet to give it the frosted look. The finished beacon was created from the unfinished beacon in the second photo.

The resin beacon (unfinished not frosted) has sold on eBay for more than 50.00 each

We offer a much better price for the same thing.

Will Ship to Continental USA ONLY.

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