Star Trek TOS Beta 4 Desktop Computer ((NO SOUND))


Star Trek TOS Beta 4 Desktop Computer Prop. Used throughout the show in Kirk and Spock's quarters,  Briefing room and other parts of the ship. The color of the lights can look different in certain episodes due to lighting of the sets and film processing.

The type 4B is one of the most recognized computers on the show, It appears in the following episodes:

36 Wolf in the Fold.

39 Mirror, Mirror.

44 Journey to Babel.

54 The Omega Glory.

59 The Enterprise Incident.

68 Wink of an Eye.

73 Lights of Zetar .

75 Way to Eden.


Features include multi colored static (do not rotate) knobs. Knobs from top to bottom are Darker Blue-Grey, Brown, Lighter Blue-Grey and Red-Orange. The knobs are cast from screen accurate original knobs. This unit is available with a dark gray base and light gray control panel or dark blue gray with a Lt. Gray Face (Control Panel) and Colored knobs. (both versions were seen in the show!)

The top bank of lights is 6 wide by 3 rows for a total of 18 lights. There is a long rectangular red/orange light to the left of the upper bank of lights. There are also 5 lights below this bank which light up by pressing the corresponding switch.

The Dark Gray Base or Dark blue-Gray base extends past the edges on the sides and front. On the front edge there are 7 push button style switches Each switch operates the correct light or group of lights as did the unit on the show. There is also a slot for a data tape.

Unit comes with 4 data tape cartages (Made from MDF and painted) There colors are Random and may include: Red, Yellow, Orange, Lt. Gray, Blue, Green, or other colors as made available.

Unit has built in filtered 12 volt fused power supply if option one. OR 12 vdc If opt Two.. All lights are LED so they won't burn out like incandescent will.

Has electronic controlled flashing lights. All 7 switches function and operate the same lights or group of lights as they did on the show.

Operates on, Your choice: Opt One 120 volt house hold Power OR Opt Two 12 vdc with Charger?


This is a prop not a toy. It can be the center piece of your Star Trek Collection or used to make your own fan film.

Dimensions are Approximately  14" Wide x 11-1/2 Deep x 9" Tall. Made from MDF, Polyester Resin , Power supply, electronics and LED's.




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Installation Manual

To Purchase: Write your choices (power option and color option) in the white box below, then press the "ADD TO CART" button. If your shopping cart shows NO items in cart that is because you did NOT write your Power and color choices in the White box just above the "Add to cart" button. 

Because all items are made to order please allow 6 - 8 weeks to ship.


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Shipping to continental USA Only. Will ship to USA ONLY at this time!  Shipping Cost 35.00

((USE BOX BELOW TO RECORD YOUR CHOICES, DO SO BEFORE YOU CLICK THE "ADD TO CART" BUTTON)) Dark Blue Base or Dark Gray Base? Power choice: Option One 120 vac House hold OR 12 vdc with Charger?

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