Transporter Slides (NEW and Improved)!


Transporter slides are fully assembled ready to install.

The gray slide is not made from resin like most others you find. Nor is it made from Black Plexi like others you find.  It's made from Acrylic plastic sheet and is NOT painted so over time the color stays true and you dont get the usual black lines that appear when the red rods are pulled scraping off the gray paint exposing the black plexi under the paint These are made from Gray Plexi to keep their color for the life of the product.

The back side has long stems so you can attach a magnet (Not Included) to trigger a reed switch which can be connected to a sound board (Not included) so you can add sound effects and have the slides trip the recording, Or us a Proxcimity sensor (Not included) to do the same thing.

This is apx 3-3/4" x 9-3/4" .

The 3 pull rods are colored Banner Red and made from red casting resin,.



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