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Star Trek TOS Desktop Communicator Prop

Desktop Communicator just like the ones seen on the bridge, Briefing room, Main Engineering, and the transporter of the USS Enterprise.

This fan made communicator prop has been painstakingly researched for screen accuracy and is totally assembled and painted. 

It features a working Oval light and screen accurate speaker grill cloth. It comes to you fully assembled, tested,and painted. It is ready to be installed into your own bridge set or just usedas part of your Star Trek collection .Made from Casting Resin and MDF wood.

Similar kit units on the internet sell for 69.95 as an un-assembled, unfinished, unpainted kit. These kits also do not contain lights. You would have to purchase this separately with their kits.

The light is NOT incandescent. It is made with LED’s so they will not burn out un-likeincandescent. Incandescent would also generate a good amount of heat which LED’s do not so you could leave it on all day without harm.

Unlike other communicatorunits sold on EBay, This unit is connected to a standard 120 volt household outlet just like any other lamps in your home. This power adapter allows it to function without batteries so the light can be on as long as you wish without having to replace batteries just like the original ones used on the TV show.

You can connect this communicator unit to a switch so you can activate the light. The other more pricey ones have the switch mounted on the back of the communicator it’s self. The ones on TV are connected to separate switches located NOT on the communicator unit but switches (usually rocker or push button) that the actor would press to activate the unit. Those switches were part of the control panels not the communicator unit. This feature again makes my unit more screen accurate.


What you get: 

Assembled Desk Communicator Unit – As seen in Video and pictures.

120 Volt power adapter.

Installation Instruction Sheet.


This unit does not have a sound chip or speaker installed. There is room though for a small speaker to be installed if you wish, but is not included.

To Purchase click on ADD TO CART.  Because all items are made to order please allow 6 - 8 weeks to ship.


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