Wall Communicator fully functional Prop (Choice of Pwr)


Screen Accurate Wall Communicator fully functional Prop.

This prop has recently been redesigned for more accuracy, like adding the actual RED pushbutton switch just like the ones used  on the show. Also The White switch with Black bezel are NOT resin parts that can break easily, they are recreations are made from precise measurements of original "Hetherington" switches used on the show and are designed to look like the originals. These recreation of the black bezal is made out of metal and the white button is  Delrin plastic whick is an insolator. These are as close as you will get to the actual switch which has long been out-of-production and are impossible to find. The "Hetherington" Star Trek push button recreations are very pricy because the recreation also need an aircraft style switch to mate with these to make them a working real switch the cost of these together is apx $77.00 each.And now back to the actual prop.

This Wall communicator prop has been painstakingly researched for screen accuracy and is totally assembled, painted, and all lights and switches work. Has screen accurate speaker grill cloth, correct RED original switch (New these sell for at least 125.00 each at Newark and other electrical vendors).

The cost of fabricating this prop is high due to the accuracy of the two switches.

To activate the intercom light press the White Switch once then once more to turn it off.

To activate the RED Alert light press the RED switch once to turn on and once more to turn off. The frosted indicator will now flash on and off RED until the RED is pressed again turning off

The red alert indicator is clear frosted Resin just like the one on the TV show. It looks clear frosted until the red button is pressed turning on the flashing RED color. I used Studio Gels just like the original for the red color. This will insure the RED will never fade.

I used a led matrix that contains 48 led’s for the alert light RED flashing light so the beacon is bright and with no hot spots. The intercom light is also an LED matrix of 9 led's.

I choose LEDS because they do not create heat and they last much longer than incandescent bulbs.

Aircraft switches are expensive and sealed so they will last a very long time. Rated Mechanical Life is 1,000,000 Cycles. Electrical Life 25,000 cycles minimum.

The flashing circuit is totally silent so it makes no noise. That means you can use this on a sound stage for filming.

The unit measure 9”x 7 ½ (front panel) It’s apx 3” deep so If you plan to mount this onto a wall you will have to cut a hole apx 8 ¼ X7 ¼ to allow the 3” back side to fit inside the wall so the front panel is flat on the wall for that Trek look as shown in the video.

It’s made of plastic. Comes to you totally assembled tested and painted. Ready to hang on a wall or set on a shelf with the rest of your collection.

There is no real intercom in this unit and it is not a toy. This is a prop reproduction.

What you get:

Wall Intercom prop. As seen in photos and video.

Power Source: You slect: Option one is 120 volt ac (plugs into standard wall outlet).

Option Two is has built in rechargable 12 vdc battery and comes with charger.

Instruction sheet.

To Purchase click on ADD TO CART. Because all items are made to order please allow 6 - 8 weeks to ship.

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Will ship to USA ONLY at this time!



Option one (120 vac) Option Two (12 vdc with charger)

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