Bridge Moire Sweep Scanner Prop


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Star Trek TOS Bridge Moiré Sweep Scanner Prop


For sale is this one of a kind hand crafted functioning Moiré unit.

This re-production of the Science Station Moiré from the Bridge of the old show USS Enterprise (Kirk’s Enterprise).

Now you can own your very own bridge prop just like the one that Spock had at his science station on the Bridge.


This unit is Semi screen accurate. Semi accurate you say? Well the differences are of a positive nature. Semi-accurate in the fact that we used modern technology lighting that won’t heat up as much or draw as much current as the original bridge prop did. The Original Bridge prop used eight 25-watt incandescent light bulbs. Incandescent bulbs burn out so rapidly and need constant replacement (particularly in a confined space as inside a box). Incandescent bulbs also melted the white plastic defusers that were used behind the glass plates on the Original Bridge props. Our lighting is rated for at least 30,000 hours before failure and operates creating low heat.


Semi-accurate in the fact that we used clear Plexiglas for the display screen instead of Real glass as with the original prop. Plexi is less likely to shatter during shipment and keeps the shipping weight lower.


The unit for sale consists of the following:

The unit measures 10 ½” x 10 ½” at the widest point (front panel). It is 6 3/4” deep.


I used the same exact Moiré pattern source that was used on the original bridge prop. I even added a switch that leaves the lighting on but stops the Moiré pattern from moving. Switches are on the back of the unit.

(On the TV show the pattern stopped moving because the motor died I think due to the great heat from the lighting. When the tech went to replace the motor he was told not to. The noise that the motor made was interfering with the sound on the set during filming).

I used the same speed motor for the rotation of the Moiré pattern.

There are two switches on the back panel. One turns on the power (lighting) the second turns on the motor.

Both must be on to make the pattern move.

The fuse and power cord is located on the right side of the unit when facing the front panel.

INCLUDED:  You get the “Sensor Sweeping Moiré unit” as shown in photos, Instruction sheet, and Spare fuse. Unit comes with standard 120-volt (USA) Power cord.



There is a fuse on the Power Supply board that is inside the unit. The fuse is accessible by removing 4 screws on the back panel.


A main fuse (location on the side of the unit above the power cord) this fuse will blow long before the power supply fuse would.


It has a thermal switch inside that automatically shuts the unit’s power off if high temperature is reached and will automatically restart the unit’s power when it cools back down. (I have not had the unit overheat)


There is NO fan in this unit that creates noise so it can be used in filming your own movies or used where a quiet environment is needed.

This unit is a fan made prop NOT a toy. It is NOT designed for use outdoors or to be manhandled.

This can be set on a table for your viewing pleasure or can be placed into an existing Bridge set or just be the centerpiece of your StarTrek collection!

I have sold this prop to a Star Trek Museum in California and to fan made Trek film crew as well as individuals for their private collections. I was told by a person that had been on the original bridge set that this prop is as close as he has ever seen to the original on the set.


It took me months of research to figure out how to construct this unit to make it as accurate to the original as possible. Parts that were used in construction are of high quality and very costly. As an example; the motor alone is 95.00 each. It is constructed out of ½ inch MDF board, Electronic Power Supply, Motor, Switches, and plastic Etc.

There are no sound effects with this unit.


To Purchase click on ADD TO CART.  Because all items are made to order please allow 6 - 8 weeks to ship.


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 Shipping to continental USA Only. Will ship to USA ONLY at this time! Shipping cost 30.00

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