Transporter Computer Display Prop


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This Very high quality Star Trek TOS transporter computer display.

This display is a reproduction of the one used in the Television show.

It is totally Hand made.

We used  graphic arts film to create the black and white graphic sheet. (black background with clear rectangles) We used colored Studio gels as did they on the original unit so the colors will NOT fade in time like cheaper printed colored transparencies will.


We used 120 very high brightness LED's to back light the graphics. I could have used cheaper lighting like incandescent Christmas lights but they burn out in time and create a great amount of heat which will warp or destroy the graphics as it did in the original show.

The LED'S I used are industrial led's designed to backlight store front signage so their high brightness, high quality, and  high cost. Cost of led's alone were 102.90 Christmas lights would have been so much cheaper to use like around 9.00 but would not have given the desired lighting effect. The led's also make this unit so that you do not have to change bulbs and you don't have to worry about heat issues.


We used electronic timing circuits to control the flashing of the display. Electronics are more reliable than the cam motors connected to switches like the original one used. Using electronics also makes the operation of this unit totally quiet so it can be used in sound video productions.

This unit operates on 120 volts just like all other appliances in your home. It has a two prong power cord. Just plug it into a switched outlet or if using in your transporter connect it to one of the rocker switches you have on the unit.

Inside the unit there is a high output power supply that converts 120 volt AC to 12 volt DC to power all led's and timing circuits. The power supply produces ample current so the flashing lights do not dim or change brightness as other lights blink on and off. (meaning brightness of the lights that are on do not change as other lights come on and off).

This unit is designed to be mounted inside thetransporter cabinet using "L" brackets. The gray colored plexi is glued onto the top surface of the Transporter cabinet (control console surface). 

Dimensions of the computer box is as follows:  9" x 11" and 6 ¼" deep (this dimension is actual size but not the viewable area).

Viewable display area of the graphics are 8" x10" (Front panel).

The tinted plexi  (which is seen on top the transporter) is  8 ¼"x  10 ¼" this gives ¼" all around for gluing.


Unit is heavy and sturdy. It's made from  ½" MDF, Plastic's, electronics, lighting and built in power supply.

The outside wood (MDF) is unpainted due to the fact that this unit is meant to be installed into the transporter cabinet, But you can paint it if you wish to use it as a centerpiece (Standalone unit).


The unit can be an awesome centerpiece  of your Star Trek Collection , Or install it in your own Transporter for the full Star Trek effect!

To Purchase click on ADD TO CART.  Because all items are made to order please allow 6 - 8 weeks to ship.

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Shipping to continental USA Only. Will ship to USA ONLY at this time! Shipping is 30.00


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