Quotes Steve's handiwork is amazing. The Spock's Station Moire Sweep works perfectly and looks exactly as it did on the bridge of the Enterprise. He even provided a switch so that you can show the Moire as it looked when moving during the first season, or static (as it appeared in later episodes when the motor gave out.) I highly recommend Steve and TrekPropsAndStuff.? -Dave Quotes

Quotes I purchase Mr. Spock's Bridge sweep scanner in July of 2012. It is in my living room and is on whenever I'm home. After 4 years, the inner disc adhesive gave out and it stopped spinning. I dropped an email to Steve and he told me to send it in and he would repair it (at no cost!). I was blown away. He repaired it and it's back on display. Thanks Steve! You are the best! Quotes
Joey McDaniel
Exceptional Customer Service

Quotes Joey McDaniel 3 years ago I bought one of these last year. I love it! It works just like the original bridge display. It's whisper quiet. If you are a TOS fan you should get one. Joey Quotes
Joey McDaniel
Bridge Moiré Sweep Scanner

Quotes Good price. Excellent customer service and rapid delivery! LOVE them! Quotes
Member id crystalhollifield56
Star Trek TOS Handmade Sandblasted Glasses props

Quotes great product thank you! Star Trek TOS 100 Square Translucent Resin Bridge Buttons Quotes

Quotes Fantastic quality - thanks a lot ! Best props you can buy on ebay. Highly detailed props - I love it Star Trek TOS Solid Resin Wall Communication Station Alert light. Fast sale Quotes

Quotes super transaction. STAR TREK TOS 100 Domed Resin Translucent Bridge Quotes

Quotes 100% Satisfaction. This was a Perfect transaction. I am very happy!!! I purchased Star Trek TOS Working Rocker Switch Bank. Quotes

Quotes Star Trek TOS Beta 4B computer - Resin and switch parts build yours today! I bought the item. Read the instructions. Just not happy with product!!!! Trek Props and Stuff Reply: He wanted to know how to make the lights blink? Item shipped matches description of product. There was nothing about blinking lights in the description. I do not even know where he got the idea that there was any thing about blinking lights. It was "JUST THE RESIN PARTS AND SOME SWITCHES". Sorry you were unhappy . I offered him his money back if product was still in a sellable condition. He never replied? Moral of the story: Please read ALL descriptions about products, I do not offer something that is not in the description! Quotes
Buyer: redlegs13b

Quotes Lightning fast shipping! Awesome piece, would definitely buy from again! A+++ Quotes
Buyer: Adam
Star Trek TOS Desktop Communicator Prop Assembly
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